Susan Collins is concerned


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Senator Susan Collins (Concerned-Maine) is indeed concerned. The perpetually worried Senator is concerned about President Biden’s infrastructure bill. Although Collins has expressed her agreement that something needs to be done on infrastructure, she worries that Biden’s bill is “too broad.”

“There is a lot to be done, but some of the priorities in the President’s bill go far beyond infrastructure,” the Senator declared.

Collins is also worried about the cost of Biden’s plan. She’s “concerned” that not all money in the plan is going to the right place. She appears to be concerned about everything in the bill.

Collins also bizarrely brought up the “far-left” and suggested that Biden is being pressured by them: “I have no reason to believe that his entire philosophy has changed, but I do think that there is a lot of pressure on him from his staff and from outside far-left groups.”

Collins is being a hypocrite. When the former guy was in office, Collins cared little about negotiating across the aisle. Her thing was to whine, wring her hands, and then (most of the time) to vote with the former guy anyway.

I appreciate the seemingly endless concern of the Senator. Instead of admonishing Biden in interviews, maybe she’d like to call him and discuss her concerns with him directly. President Biden has spoken highly of Collins and has made it clear that he is always ready to talk to her and is open to negotiations with Republicans. So one has to wonder: what’s the point of her constant whining?


Could it be that she will use this concern as an excuse to vote against the infrastructure bill? I wouldn’t be surprised. In the meantime, as Collins continues to be concerned, it would be nice to see her take that concern and manifest it into doing something positive and productive to help the American people.



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