Stupid is as stupid does

There is no such thing as too stupid. There is always someone who can exceed whatever level of stupidity has been previously set. That sounds terribly callous and cynical, yes, but experience bears this opinion out. The response to the pandemic and the simple advice of learned health care professionals, epidemiologist and virologists is a prime example. ‘Wear a mask when out in public,’ prescribe the doctors of the world.

What happens? Folks get all up in arms and defensive, their noses out of joint and feel put upon by the notion. Consequently, the infection rates stay at terrifying levels in the US and Europe.

‘Don’t open businesses or it will only exacerbate the toll COVID-19 is taking on society,’ we’re told with stunning emphasis and sincerity by those who have dedicated their lives to such matters. What happens? Bar and restaurant owners open for business and the next avalanche of illness, hospitalizations and deaths is set in motion.

Cases are rising in nearly half of all fifty states. That doesn’t forestall thousands of young people to toss caution to the wind and celebrate Spring Break with no thought to wearing masks, washing hands or keeping social distance. (Ironic that most of these youngsters could not even attend ‘in-person’ classes for the past 6 months. What were they taking a holiday from? The comfort of their parent’s homes?)

As calamitous as the pandemic is in the US, the Former Guy feels the need to attest to his own stupidity stating that he was happy to ignore the reasoned, professional advice of folks such as Fauci, Birx and Redfield and favor the blustering ignorance of Kushner, Azar and Cuccinelli. ‘Stupid is as stupid does,’ Mrs Gump asserted. The corollary is ‘stupid is always capable of out-doing itself.’

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