Stop these maniac Republicans in their tracks

It’s well known by the general population that the GOP, also sometimes dubbed the QAnon party or the insurrectionist party, is not keen on democracy. Rather than governing in a democracy, the Republicans would rather rule by imposing their nefarious agenda on an unwilling populace. The GOP is primarily a party of white and evangelical grievance, meaning it has little to offer other than some backwards white Christian nationalism.

Republicans like to speak of a comeback, particularly in the House of Representatives, in 2022. We’ve seen that they’re seeking to put into place nearly 400 anti-voter laws in nearly every state as quickly as they can. They know they most likely can’t increase their number of votes, but they can try to suppress the votes of the rest of us who actually want a functioning democracy. One way the GOP thinks it can take back the House in the next election cycle is through shady gerrymandering tactics.

With some traditionally red and reddish states (like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina) seeing population increases, these states will also see new congressional districts drawn to reflect the population changes. In these GOP-controlled legislatures, we know the Republicans will try to choose their voters and dilute the non-Republican vote. This is a form of voter suppression we can expect from the GOP. We need Congress to pass HR1/S1, the For The People Act, to thwart the GOP’s deleterious gerrymandering efforts. As Josh Silver of says, “we have to stop gerrymandering, or there will be no representative democracy in America, period – only preordained and symbolic election results.” We can overcome Republicans’ tactics with high turnout on our side and with the assistance of HR1/S1. We must remain vigilant, pressure our legislators to pass the For The People Act, and show up to vote in every election.

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