Stephen Miller has a whole new evil plan

I suppose you were wondering what Stephen Miller has been doing. Well, wonder no more. He is suing the Biden White House for racially discriminating against white farmers.

“We hold fast to the immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr. that Americans ‘should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,’” Miller, the architect of former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration and child separation policies, said in a statement Wednesday announcing the legal action.

Stephen Miller founded the group “America First Legal” with the former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows to challenge “the radical activist left” — “makes clear that it will defend MLK’s vision, our Constitutional order, and the civil rights of all citizens.”

The group filed the proposed class action lawsuit on behalf of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller in his capacity as a private citizen on Monday. The suit takes aim at the roughly $5 billion set aside for loan forgiveness for “socially disadvantaged” farmers and ranchers within the sprawling $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan signed by Biden last month.

U.S. Department of Agriculture told NBC News, “We are reviewing the complaint and working with the Department of Justice. During this review, we will continue to implement the debt relief to qualified socially disadvantaged borrowers under the American Rescue Plan Act.”

The White House said in March a part of the bill would “support farmers of color with $4 billion toward debt relief for socially disadvantaged farmers to pay off burdensome debts.”

I am not sure a lawsuit was required, but these people want to stay in the news as much as possible, and they want to be viewed as rescuing people. Any of these people could have communicated their concerns and the US Department of Agriculture is reviewing the wording and intent. Bear in mind that Donald Trump caused some of the difficulties in the farming industry by cutting trade with China, and some of the same people involved in this lawsuit were giving Donald Trump advice for doing that. Donald Trump announced huge payouts to farmers with little oversight and this was not sustainable over time.

It’s a problem for taxpayers, too: The size, speed and lack of scrutiny of the payments should concern the public, says Neil Hamilton, emeritus professor and former director of Drake University’s Agricultural Law Center.


“The administration picked these trade fights promising agriculture that this would lead to some better world at some point,” Hamilton said. “Rather than suffering any consequence for the ill-conceived strategy, they just said, ‘Hey, let’s tap the bank. We’ll buy our way out of this.’”

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