Speaker Nancy Pelosi goes after Marjorie Taylor Greene

Mental instability is most definitely not a good trait for a Congressperson to have. No good, very bad things can occur when we have mentally unstable Congresspeople. Just ask poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat-New York).

AOC knows what it’s like to have to deal with a loony Congressperson. And in this case, the loony I refer to is one Marjorie Taylor Greene (psycho-insurrection party-Georgia.)

This week, as Ocasio-Cortez was leaving the House chamber, she was confronted by an aggressive and batshit crazy Greene.

Greene began verbally attacking AOC, demanding to know why she supports Antifa and BLM and calling them terrorist organizations. AOC, to her credit, kept her cool and carried on. But Greene wouldn’t stop. She followed AOC, accusing her of having “radical socialist” beliefs” and wanting to debate her. AOC carried on.

Ignoring someone like Greene is the best way to handle stuff like this, but it also infuriated Greene, who, as you might expect, cannot stand being ignored. Greene then spoke to reporters labeling AOC a “chicken.”

This whole exchange was confirmed by House Speaker Pelosi, and Pelosi was quite vocal about her thoughts on this latest Greene attack. Pelosi suggested this might be a matter for the House Ethics Committee. I agree. I think that most people would agree.

Greene continued her hateful and vile attacks labeling AOC a “hate-America terrorist sympathizer” on Twitter. My opinion on this whole disgusting episode is that Greene should be expelled from Congress. It is just mind-boggling that this behavior, which reeks of MAGA hate and venom, is allowed to stand.

As for Greene, her behavior is that of a true MAGA. She is a hateful woman full of rage who truly might represent a danger to others. Don’t tell Kevin McCarthy that, though, as Greene is well-liked by Trump, and for the cowardly McCarthy, that is really all that matters.

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