Sorry, Kristi Noem, this isn’t going to work for you


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So, a funny thing happened to me the other day. I was watching something on television, and a commercial came on.

What I saw was a travel commercial. You know the type. Most of our great states have them, and they promote tourism.

I am sure you’ve seen some of these. “Pure Michigan” or “find your Maine thing”. The list goes on.

This commercial was for the beautiful state of South Dakota. Visit us! The commercial spoke about how beautiful the Mount Rushmore state is. I agree. It is a stunning place. And then I realized who was speaking. It was South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem. She even identified herself at the end of the commercial. I immediately lost whatever interest I’d had in this commercial. So, I’d bet, did many others.

Noem has been a rising star in the Sedition party. She has all the traits they look for. She’s dishonest. She’s a racist. She’s a Trump sycophant. And she has her eye on the prize, which means essentially she wants to run for President in 2024.

Noem won’t be successful. I do not believe the GOP, many of whom hate women, will nominate a woman. Secondly, she will not be able to appeal to the middle. Third, she’s Kristi Noem.

And the South Dakota Governor has infuriated people lately with her racist rhetoric. Noem had announced on Twitter that her state would not be taking any “illegal immigrants,” as the racist Governor referred to them, and added, “call me when you’re an American.”


It is hard to imagine rhetoric more racist than that. Noem seems to be modeling herself after Tucker Carlson, which is not how one wants to speak to the middle. And her state, which is already going through difficult times, may suffer for it. Just one more reason to vote this vile Governor out of office.


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