Sit down Rand Paul

Every day it seems the incompetence of GOP lawmakers gets crazier. Take Senator Rand Paul. Paul is — for lack of a better word — an eccentric man. In non-politically correct terminology, he is also batshit crazy.

For months now, the American people have had to suffer the miserable nightmare of hearing Paul come out with one bizarre theory after another. It IS enough to make one extremely exasperated.

And then there is Doctor Fauci. Fauci is a decent and kind man. He is also unequivocally brilliant. That is just a fact though many on the other side try to claim it isn’t.

There has been war brewing between Fauci and Paul for quite a long time now. Paul seems to despise Fauci even more so than most of the insurrection party. He never seems to stop sniping at him. I personally think the man is jealous of Fauci, but who knows WHAT goes on in that thing of Paul’s that’s supposed to be his brain.

So now, in a pitiful display of incompetence. Paul is calling for Fauci to be jailed. He wants a five-year sentence.
So it would appear Paul now thinks of himself as both a police officer AND a lawyer, not to mention a judge. Can anyone think of a more apparent case of delusions of grandeur?

The truth is Paul is not any of those things. Here, we have a small, pitiful little man who is gasping for relevancy at the expense of his reputation. He may believe what he says, but I doubt it.

I also wonder about his thinking. So, ANYONE can call for a prison sentence now? Is that the way it works?

Fine. If indeed it is, I demand twenty years for Tucker Carlson. I also demand at least ten years for Marjorie Taylor Greene, though time spent in an asylum might indeed be better with her.

And lastly, I demand life in prison without the possibility of parole for the former guy. And NO McDonald’s ever again. I think that is a most sensible sentence for the insurrectionist.

Paul needs to sit down and shut up. As for Fauci, one hopes he continues to advise us for many years to come.

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