Sidney Powell just got destroyed

Kraken lawyer Sidney Powell has been going through some things lately. First, Judge Linda Parker sanctioned her and fellow MAGA lawyer Lin Wood, in a sanctions order that printed out would weigh over a pound. Then the State Bar of Texas scheduled a disciplinary hearing which could lead to her being disbarred. Plus she’s facing sanctions and other complaints in other states, including Wisconsin and Arizona.

And now, she just got her rear handed to her by Australian Broadcast Company reporter Sarah Ferguson, who had traveled to Texas to interview Powell for that network’s special Fox and the Big Lie. During the interview Ferguson pointed out factual errors, and Powell had a hard time responding to them. Powell tried to deflect by asking Ferguson if she worked for Smartmatic, trying to weasel out of the interview by claiming she couldn’t talk because of pending litigation, and then feigning confusion over why Ferguson was there. Ferguson countered by stating that Powell had made allegations against Smartmatic and Dominion that had basic errors of fact. When Powell spewed more bullshit about how fraud was planned for three years, Ferguson asked her, “Do you ever hear yourself and think it sounds ridiculous?” And of course, Powell didn’t think she sounded ridiculous.

To realize one sounds ridiculous would take quite a bit of self-awareness. Self-awareness has never been the strong suit of Branch Trumpvidians like the MAGA lawyers. If Powell and her fellow MAGA lawyers had any self-awareness they wouldn’t be in the sinking Trumptanic now, facing the destruction of their careers. But they didn’t, and hitched their legal careers to the fortunes of an orange conman, and are getting what they deserve now.

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