Sean Hannity throws a complete fit

The legends of enchantment are timeless. I speak of sailors. As legend would have it, many sailors and explorers of the magnificent sea perished in the unpredictable wild waters, though not the way one might think. It was the sirens. Sirens were known to be enchanting and beguiling creatures. And they were beautiful.

They would swim the beautiful waters, singing their captivating songs, which were so tantalizing, they could put sailors in a trance-like state where nothing mattered but being closer to these charming creatures. But the sirens were lethal.

It was also said their charms extended to the winds. Nobody could resist the sirens, and as a result, many smitten sailors were tragically lost at sea. Fast-forward to now. A different type of hypnosis is going on in current times, but it is no less dangerous than the mysterious sirens. This is the hypnosis and brain-washing tactics employed by many pundits who are determined to get and keep their viewers under their arrogant spells. Take Sean Hannity.

Hannity, in recent months, came out for vaccines. Then after some blowback, he attempted to take back his recommendation of vaccines. And now Mr. Hannity is furious again. And that is because of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Hannity lost it on his show the other night. Quivering with rage, the pundit let loose. Saying the mandate “cancels medical freedom,” Hannity was on the warpath, as I imagine many spell-bound viewers listened in. Unstable Sean then declared Biden’s mandate was “medical tyranny.”

Since when does wanting to live count as tyranny? I worry about Hannity and other Fox Non-News hosts. Hannity is vaccinated. Most likely, the majority at Fox is as well. How do I know this? Because Fox requires many of the same things that Biden has called for.

And this does indeed show Hannity’s blatant hypocrisy as well as his utter lack of caring toward his viewers. But it also shows the transfixed state the viewers have become ensnared in. Many choose to believe Hannity. Like the sailors long before them, these viewers have surrendered their minds and souls, unable and unwilling to break the hypnotic spell.

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