Sean Hannity hits the panic button

“Get vaccinated.” Across the country, the viewers wondered what was going on. Their favorite hate pundits were acting very strangely. The viewers knew them. These hate pundits shared many of the values and world outlooks of the viewers. They agreed on much. They agreed Democrats were ruining the country. They agreed the former guy was such a great President. They agreed the 2020 election had been unfair. But most of all, they agreed on COVID. Vaccinations were for the weak, the frightened, and the fragile.

People like the viewers didn’t need vaccines. The viewers were mighty, they told themselves. They would not let a little thing like a pandemic scare THEM, assuming, of course, the pandemic was even real. It was not the first time the libs had tried to “own” them. Perhaps this was merely just another deep-state plot.

So, they ate their dinners. They drank their wine. They put their kids to sleep. And then they turned on their televisions.

Inside the walls of the corporation, executives must have been tense. They had received the “memo.” There was uneasiness perhaps and maybe even doubt as the robots in their power suits, secure in their smug fortunes, waited for the show to begin.

The pundit sat down. He looked at the viewers earnestly. And he said the words that must have shocked them: “I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death,” said Sean Hannity.

The viewers reacted with shock. They couldn’t understand. Why had this happened? It did not happen out of the goodness of the corporation’s heart, for the corporation had no heart.

Inside the sterile walls of the propaganda offices, the corporation realized their viewers had been getting sick and dying since the beginning. Maybe that’s why they did it. Perhaps they realized their bottom line was affected. Maybe they worried about litigation from infuriated family members.


It doesn’t really matter WHY. The point is the corporation did it. The question is, are their viewers listening?

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