Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a total disaster

Remember Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ chaotic tenure as White House Press Secretary under the previous administration? She held that role for two tumultuous years and became a pariah due to her consistent and willful deceit of the American people. The daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a lying evangelical preacher turned lying politician, has announced her intention to run for the governorship in Arkansas. Huckabee Sanders now wants the position her father held from 1996 until 2007.

Arkansas is solidly Republican, with the GOP holding all statewide and federal offices, as well as substantial majorities in both chambers of the state’s legislature. This explains an astounding lack of progress and competence in the state, as we all know that having so many Republicans in office does not allow for advancements, equity, or justice. All the same, it appears that Huckabee Sanders plans to run on the remaining fondness some Arkansans still hold for the previous president.

Because whiteness is the de facto Republican platform, Huckabee Sanders is already resorting to the same worn-out fearmongering as she re-introduces herself to Arkansans. Her gripes include whining about “cancel culture,” Sovietized socialism if Democrats are elected, and beneficial progressive concepts like the Green New Deal. With little going for them, Republicans rely heavily on fear of “the other” when running for office, and Huckabee Sanders has already made it clear that this will be her plank. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a lying liar who lies, and hopefully the people of Arkansas will not advance her past the gubernatorial primaries in May 2022. No Democrat has yet declared their candidacy.

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