Run for office, Beto. Texas is falling apart under the non-leadership of one Greg Abbott. Like killer Governor DeSantis of Florida, Abbott seems unconcerned about the state’s mounting issues.

I am also seeing frustration among some Democrats because possible candidate, Beto O’ Rourke, has not announced yet. I think there is a good chance he will. Let’s break it down with some analysis.

Many who don’t like Beto say he ruined his political future with the “coming to take your guns” comment. I call BS on that. People have short memories and many politicians have said far more inflammatory things. But there’s something more.

The demographics of Texas are changing and have changed significantly in the last few years. Like Georgia, more and more out-of-staters are relocating to Texas. Many of them are from the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and other liberal areas.

Texas is slowly on a trek to turning blue. I know this. How? Because of the frenzied terror of the Texan GOP who is doing everything possible to make it tougher, if not impossible, for many to vote.

Beto would jump in with significant advantages. He would be well-funded. He has national name recognition. And nobody can deny the charisma that engulfs the guy.

Texas loves her guns, to be sure. She is a wild and proud state. But Texas also doesn’t suffer fools. As his poll numbers reflect, Governor Abbott has MANY people who are pretty upset right now.

I think Beto can win. But it will be an exhausting and very hard-fought fight. Do I think it would be worth it? Absolutely. But he has to WANT it.

There has been reason to think he might. When asked about a candidacy just a few weeks ago, Beto would not rule it out. He has kept himself in the limelight, tirelessly working for Texan communities in every possible way.


I do believe he’ll get in. I have no specific knowledge of that. But knowing Beto, he will do it not just for himself but also because he loves his state with a fierceness of spirit and wants to do what’s best for it. And what’s best for it is him. Run for office, Beto.

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