Rudy Giuliani is in legal trouble in Georgia

Here’s some really bad news for ‘Trump and friends’ who conspired to overturn Biden’s free and fair election win in Georgia. (Drumroll…) Georgia has a little-known law that will send you to prison for a minimum of one year and maximum of five, simply for lying to any government official.

On two recorded phone calls to election officials, Trump claimed that votes for him were trashed and “suitcases full” of votes for Biden were trucked in. Rudy Giuliani twice presented fake evidence to state legislators, while ranting about wild conspiracy theories.

While news stories have focused on efforts to bring charges against Trump and his inner circle for election fraud and racketeering, in a letter to state officials, Fulton County DA Fani Willis noted her investigation includes potential violations of Georgia laws prohibiting “the making of false statements to state and local government bodies.”

Applying this state law to Trump’s former attorneys would be beyond rare, say former prosecutors, but so was their conduct after the election. The law specifically covers making such false statements “knowingly and willfully” on “any matter within the jurisdiction” of the state government.

Georgia has also essentially just turned The Big Lie into law, reports MSNBC, enacting unprecedented voter restriction laws.

We need to enact this ‘lying law’ in every state in the union, as well as federally, and add a $500,000 fine for each instance — not just for lies told to government officials, but also for lies told by government officials. Just think of all the cash that would bring in. All problems solved! Better yet, include all such lies made on any cable news channel, take away incarceration (to avoid 1st Amendment problems) and instead triple the fine for all hosts, including ‘entertainment news’ hosts like Hannity and Tucker. After all, government officials are watching (and some are obviously even believing all the garbage).

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