Ron DeSantis runs and hides

On May 6, 2021 Ron DeSantis signed into law, basically at a rally in West Palm Beach, as described by the Sun-Sentinel in its’ coverage of the event, without any transparency. Those that were in attendance were from the extreme right media, and FOX news. Local news outlets weren’t even allowed.

So what exactly is DeSantis hiding? Maybe hiding the fact that this bill has nothing to do with voter integrity and lots to do with voter suppression. Just look at how the coverage of the signing went and you can see the autocratic personality in DeSantis couldn’t tolerate any differing opinions of what the law is designed to do.

He surely did not want a question thrown at him, asking for proof of the kind of cases this law is designed to prevent. Reason for that, is there are none.

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, “County supervisors of elections, locally election officials opposed the bulk of the changes as mostly unnecessary and in some cases COUNTERPRODUCTIVE”.

“It’s going to make it harder for people to vote,” said Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott. Scott, who is Black, said it amounts to voter suppression, especially of people of color and older voters.

When something is ‘cloaked in darkness’ it is because it is BAD. Bad actors have no desire for you to SEE and KNOW exactly what they are doing. Sunshine laws are regulations requiring transparency and disclosure in government. If there was a shred of INTEGRITY in this bill, they would be shedding all the sunshine on it they could in the Sunshine State… but there isn’t anything.

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