Ron DeSantis is going nowhere but down

I want to push back on something that has been in the media for a while now, and this something is, I believe, false and should not even be talked about. This “something” has to do with Governor Ron DeSantis (Overrated-insurrection party-Florida.)

All I hear lately is that DeSantis is the next former guy. It is breathlessly reported on by media pundits everywhere. “Watch out for Ron.” “Ron will be the next Republican nominee.”

Right. Whatever you say. But what they say indicates they are living in a fantasy world. Let’s break this down.

DeSantis is currently popular among the GOP. Fine. But the next Presidential election is years away. Do these pundits realize how difficult it is to sustain that type of popularity for years?

How many times has this happened? Jeb Bush was the favorite. Rudy Giuliani was the favorite. It happens with the Democrats as well. Remember Beto? There is always someone to be breathlessly reported on because many in the media love a Horse race.

DeSantis has no charisma. He is conservative to the point of being almost an amusing caricature. His latest move was to sign a bill against “indoctrination” at Colleges.

He would never be able to get the youth vote. He would never be able to get the minority vote. He would absolutely never be able to capture the hearts of the moderates. He has nowhere to go but down.


But expect to hear lots of love lavished on the idiotic Governor until some new shiny object comes along. I imagine between now and the 2024 Presidential election, it will be a revolving door of possible candidates being discussed. DeSantis is the flavor of the month. Maybe more than a month. But he has no chance of ever being President.

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