Roger Stone isn’t getting his way

I can name that lie in one note. Pardoned felon Roger Stone made many wild-eyed claims leading up to the 2020 election. In September, he said “if someone will study the president’s authority in the Insurrection Act in his ability to impose, impose martial law. If there is widespread cheating, he will have the authority to…” blah, blah, blah.

Stone’s lies are obvious right there in the first four words: “If someone will study…” The first word is the real tell: “If…”

Stone is flat out admitting that he has neither studied the president’s authority, nor consulted with anyone who has. Contrary to making his point, his words prove his lack of credentials to speak with any authority.

On its face, Stone’s claim is completely ridiculous. His entire argument is a flimsy branch hanging in empty space, unconnected to the limb, trunk, or roots of the tree.

Woe be the idiots who put their own reputation on the line by climbing to the farthest reaches of that unsupported branch. Their minds have been invaded by a virus, enslaved by a malignant force. Trapped in a prison of cognitive dissonance, they are sacrificial pawns in somebody else’s game of chess.

We must relentlessly push back on news outlets that report these statements unchallenged, when any school child can tell from the sentence structure alone that the arguments are disingenuous and unfounded.

Roger Stone hasn’t justified his own position. He can’t point to the evidence that changed his own mind, because it simply does not exist.

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