Republicans fiddle as Matt Gaetz burns

The man who has the distinction of having the most punchable face in all of Congress throughout its entire history has declared that he is not resigning from Congress. CongressBro Matt Gaetz has announced that he has no intention of resigning, along with denying any improper behavior on his part.

Meanwhile most of his allies have been very quiet about the situation, including the Orange Florida Man (OFM), who has apparently been advised not to come running to the CongressBro’s rescue. Apparently a “ten-foot pole” isn’t long enough for OFM to want to touch CongressBro with at this time. About the only people in Congress who have really come to his defense are Gym Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Everyone else in the GQP isn’t saying much and sure as hell are not stepping up to the plate to demand the departure of CongressBro. Right now GQP House leader Kevin McCarthy doesn’t really plan to do too much beyond speaking to CongressBro and maybe taking away his committee assignments.

This, in a nutshell, shows the difference between our parties. We have no problem with calling out our own when they engage in reprehensible behavior even if it’s detrimental to our party’s political prospects. (Sometimes we are too quick to act before all the facts are in, as in the case of Al Franken). We take the high road, and police our own. With Republicans smoke is not enough to get them to act when improper behavior comes to light. Nor are fires, even if they’re large, raging forest fires. Hell, an out-of-control fusion reaction is barely enough to get them to show guys like CongressBro the door.

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