The Republicans are at it again!

The 2020 Election saw Historic turnout, with people coming out in droves to vote for Joe Biden. Biden flipped five states, including taking back the “Blue wall” and flipping Georgia and Arizona. Georgia also flipped in its special election, as both Democrats won their races.

So it stands to reason that Republicans would be worried. And they are. So, they’re doing something about it. What they are doing is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s called voter suppression. Since the election of President Biden, Republicans have introduced more than 100 Bills that would limit and suppress voting rights in over 28 states.

This should not surprise anyone, as Republicans have a long history of using sleazy and dishonest tactics to win elections. It also comes as no surprise that many of the states where this is happening include purple states such as Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

In Georgia, for example, Republicans have introduced a bill to limit Georgia mail-in voting to include only the very old or the disabled. In Pennsylvania, Republicans want to end no-excuse absentee voting. And in Arizona, one bill would demand voters get their signatures notarized before mailing in their ballots.

These bills are ridiculous, but that is not stopping the sedition party from trying to get them passed. We should all be on alert about this and do everything we can to make sure these bills fail.

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