Republicans are playing a deadly game

Republicans are playing a deadly game. Before I get into the weeds on this story, let me speak about something quite pervasive. It is called denial. Denial is a powerful tool that many people use. We use it often as a defense mechanism against reality.

Sometimes reality can be painful. That’s natural. This thing called life is never perfect and easy. Sometimes life throws us obstacles. And sometimes, when one or more of these obstacles become too much, we crawl into our cocoon of denialism.

It may not be the healthiest way of handling things, but we’ve all done it at specific points in our life. But it is when denialism becomes dangerous that one genuinely has to worry. And for the Republicans, that time is now.

We all witnessed the horrible events of the January 6th terrorist attack. We all saw the same things. We all saw vengeance and hatred and death. But for many Republicans, this sequence of events does not fit their narrative. So they are retreating into denialism.

This week, many GOP members attempted to play down what truly happened at the Capitol that deadly day. Rep. Andrew Clyde (Denier-Insurrection party-Georgia) said that the insurrectionists behaved “in an orderly fashion.”

Rep. Paul Gosar (Denier-insurrection party-Arizona) claimed law enforcement were “harassing peaceful patriots.” It is nearly impossible to believe these statements were made, but they were.

For the sane people out there, we, of, course know what these horrible Republicans are trying to do. They are making light of the Terrorist attack because they have to. They are in denial. Whether they believe this garbage-and, I doubt they do- they are just protecting their own. They are wearing their denial proudly and arrogantly.

Republicans are playing a deadly game. And it should scare everyone because these people are sick. And we cannot let sick and unhinged people regain power.

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