Republican Senators: The Faces of Evil

After a marathon session, the Senate finally passed the $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Package. This legislation is wildly popular with the American people — various polls report 60-75% support — but not with Republican Senators. Hence the need to use the budget reconciliation process to pass it.

This highlights two troubling factors. First, how badly unrepresentative of the American people the Senate is. Second, how truly venal key Republican Senators are. Some of the most prominent ones are:

Mitch McConnell, now the Senate Minority Leader, had the nerve to complain that Democrats rammed the legislation through (just like McConnell rammed through unqualified conservative judges and tax cuts for the rich when he was Majority Leader) without working cooperatively with Republicans – who’ve shown no intent to work cooperatively to benefit the American people.

Ron Johnson, one of the Moscow 8 who spent 4th of July, 2018 in Russia, is the clown who forced an 11-hour oral reading of the bill, claiming it was needed so people could tell what was in it – despite the fact that it was already available to all Senators online.

The Sedition Caucus, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, & Tommy Tuberville. They objected to electors from Pennsylvania and Arizona – even after the Capitol Insurrection by Trumpists who these Senators inspired and/or conspired with.

The Scared Cellphone Users Group, Hawley, Rand Paul, Mike Lee. Their odd questioning of officials on FBI investigations into cell phone communications on Capitol Hill during the Insurrection seemed more focused on their potential personal jeopardy than any policy issues.

Can’t Let an Honorable Man be Attorney General, Tom Cotton is singlehandedly delaying Merrick Garland’s confirmation because, he claims, he didn’t like Garland’s answers to his questions.


Are these really the best the Republicans have to send to the Senate? What a sad commentary.

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