Qanon Shaman goes down in flames

The other day Branch Trumpvidian terrorist Jacob “Qanon Shaman” Chansley reached a deal to plead guilty to a single felony of unlawfully obstructing an official proceeding. He did so yesterday. While he’s facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, he’ll likely serve about 3 to 4 years in prison after the credit for the eight months he spent in jail is applied. The former US Navy seaman (who was kicked out of the Navy for refusing an anthrax vaccine) has a mental illness diagnosis and stated he’s repudiated Qanon.

The charge and resulting sentence are not nearly harsh enough for me. As far as I’m concerned, every person who participated in or gave support to the terrorist attack on our Capitol committed treason and should have been charged with that. Suggestions that we let him and other January 6 terrorists off are about as welcome to me as a diarrhetic Hutt in my living room. There are people in prison for much longer sentences for offenses that are nowhere near as serious as what Chansley and his fellow terrorists did on January 6. The main difference is that they’re often not white Branch Trumpvidians but minorities. Often with serious mental illnesses beyond what Chansley has.

The good news is that now he is a convicted felon. He will be prohibited from owning firearms, serving on a jury, employment in certain fields, and voting while in prison. Depending on the jurisdiction he’ll live in he may not be able to vote after leaving prison either. And he’ll forever be one of the traitors that participated in a terrorist attack on our Capitol on January 6, no matter what sentence he receives or what he says.

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