Pro-Trump rally flames out

Some Branch Trumpvidians decided to have a bund meeting…excuse me, I meant rally…in Kentucky. Among the featured speakers were Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, and Lin Wood. The people that put this event together expected about 10,000 people. Did they get that many people? Was the Muhlenberg County Agriculture & Convention Center Fairgrounds packed full of flag waving, cheering Orange Florida Man (OFM) worshippers? Oh, hell no. Fewer than 300 people showed up for this little shindig.

The local NBC station tried to cover the event, but organizers would not allow them to stay. Probably out of embarrassment they didn’t have the kind of bund meetings OFM had during his maladministration and only had a handful of people show up. (Including someone who should’ve used spell check before writing on their vehicle’s window). Maybe they would have had better luck if they had booked the nearest landscaping center like OFM stooge Giuliani did before instead of the local fairgrounds.

Perhaps the writing is on the wall for OFM’s hangers-on like Lindell, Powell, Flynn, and Wood. With OFM’s star no longer on the rise, and on its way to a correctional institution of some sort there doesn’t seem to be that much energy for has-beens who are torpedoing what’s left of their careers and their businesses defending OFM. People have better things to do on a weekend then listen to this band of idiots peddling the same old bullshit they’ve been peddling the past 10 months. Maybe events like these are just becoming little more than background noise that attract OFM’s most rabid supporters but just about no one else.

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