President Biden’s approval numbers are off the charts

According to a Hill-HarrisX poll, President Biden’s approval rating stands at a whopping sixty percent.

Those numbers are incredible for the President. They should be because Biden has been terrific during his short time in office. He’s managed to get more done in these first few months than almost any former President I can think of.

But it isn’t only his actions that people approve of. Biden has something that few individuals do, and that is empathy.

He has a soft-spoken and highly healing way about him that this country needed after the horrors inflicted upon us by the former guy. So, these numbers should not really be a surprise to anyone.

And now certain members of the insurrectionist party are fuming, trying desperately to break Biden’s momentum.

Nothing is too out there for the psychotic Republicans. From accusing Biden of denying the American People their hamburgers to attacking his character, the GOP shows they have virtually nothing.

Can anyone reading this name ONE GOP policy? Seriously, try to do it. I don’t mean things like protecting Mr. Potato head. I am speaking of naming one solid policy that helps the American people.

I bet you can’t because there is no such policy. If the Sedition party thought for one moment they could win on policy, they would put some policies out there. But they haven’t.

The GOP is suffering from a disease. This disease is called extremism. And this is not a disease that has ever ended well for said extremists. And it will not end well for these extremists.


Because when you take a good long look at what the GOP has let itself become, all one can see are a group of sad, frightened Cult members who have lost their policy chops, their sanity, and their self-respect. This is why we will continue to win.

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