President Biden was prepared for this one

Hurricane Ida has hitr Louisiana hard, knocking out power in New Orleans and leaving over one million people without power. It hit as a category 4 hurricane and is now a tropical storm. I feel for all the people in the area, especially since I have family in central Louisiana. Organizations such as the Red Cross are responding and have put out the request for donations. They’ve also provided a link to a site showing where donations can be made:

I do have to say though that I feel much better about the recovery efforts with President Biden being in charge than Orange Florida Man (OFM) or even Bush II. The President has already signed a major disaster declaration for Louisiana and FEMA is making disaster assistance available. He said in remarks from FEMA headquarters, “As soon as the storm passes, we’re going to put this – we’re going to put the country’s full might behind the rescue and recovery. And I mean that.”

Contrast that to the response of OFM to similar disasters where OFM could barely be bothered to respond to similar disasters. You won’t see the President tossing paper towel rolls around to survivors like OFM did or trying to condition the Federal response on how much rear end kissing politicians from Louisiana do like he did in other cases. You won’t see a fornicated-up response like we did in the aftermath of Katrina where Bush II made the aftermath of that storm 1000 times worse through inaction and incompetence. What you’re about to see is a competent executive branch doing everything it can for all Americans who were affected by this storm and get Louisiana back on its feet as soon as possible.

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