President Biden takes big swing at forcibly reforming ICE

President Biden has nominated Ed Gonzales, the Sheriff of Harris County, Tx, to run US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). Gonzales transformed the Sheriff’s office in Houston from one of ICE’s staunchest allies into a reluctant partner, withdrawing the department from a voluntary federal program that for years helped detain and deport immigrants, because it silenced witnesses and victims, making them afraid to report crimes.

ICE is one of the federal government’s most polarizing agencies. Under Trump, its approval rating became lower than the IRS. President Biden obviously hopes to turn that around under the leadership of Gonzales, who has been a vocal critic of how ICE was run under Trump, Hundreds of sanctuary cities and towns have refused to even cooperate with ICE.

No doubt Republicans are going to scream foul, but it will be hard to argue against the nomination since there is no doubt the beleaguered agency is in need of transformation.

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