President Biden just made history

President Biden made history again this week when he announced his first 11 judicial nominees on Tuesday – more than any other President has announced this early in his first term. This is a great feat considering everything else Biden has accomplished, all without the benefit of a normal transition into the Presidency, and while arguably even having the biggest mess to clean up.

I won’t go into detail again about Biden’s actual nominations, since they were recently summarized in the Palmer Report. Suffice it to say that while Biden’s picks are unquestionably heavily qualified, they are also very diverse – not only ethnically and racially, but also professionally. None are white men (whereas most all of Trump’s nominees were white men, and either prosecutors or corporate law partners). Biden once again stayed true to his word on the campaign trail when making these choices.

This is only one of many steps Biden will be taking to neutralize the impact of Trump’s numerous judicial appointments. Biden started staffing a commission to study and make recommendations on Supreme Court reform way back in January. With the help of Mitch McConnell – who has little appetite for passing any legislation at all, but was keenly focused on the federal bench – Trump was able to move the courts decidedly to the right.

Once again, I have every faith in President Biden’s plans, and that his counterpunches will bring the judicial system back where it belongs, consisting of the best and most diverse of minds, rather than having the closed mindedness that a one-sided conservative view on everything brings.

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