President Biden has already managed to get under Vladimir Putin’s skin

The Russians expressed outrage after President Biden approved airstrikes on Iranian-backed Iraqi militia fighters in Syria, in retaliation for a deadly militia rocket attack on American troops in Iraqi Kurdistan, while Biden’s supporters praised it as a measured response.

Sergeia Tsekov, of the Federation Counsel, said, “Now if someone struck a blow on US territory, what would that look like? They strike at the territory of a sovereign republic without the consent of Syrian leadership.” That’s really rich, considering Russia was warned before the airstrike (and no doubt warned the Syrian dictator), and we were pretty outraged ourselves when Russia actually attacked our troops in Syria several times in 2020, breaking our stand-clear agreements.

It’s pretty ironic that Trump was on the campaign trail and at the Republican National Convention, falsely claiming that Biden and the Democrats were Socialists, while he did nothing about the Russians (who, along with Iran, were allies of the Syrian President) attacking our troops in Syria, breaking agreements Trump had made with his bud Putin after Trump had set up our allies, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish militia, for a blood bath, when they were still trying to defeat the socialist dictator (by pulling most of our troops out of Syria in October 2019, only leaving a few to guard their oil), after we had been training them in combat. What a waste!

Of course, it soon became all too apparent to most everyone in the world that Trump cares nothing about democracy at all, nor does he even believe in it.

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