President Biden comes out swinging on immigration reform

Starting with a robust 8 year plan to tackle our immigration system, it won’t be exactly what the legislation will look like in the end, but it is a place to start to negotiate a bi-partisan bill. That’s what we hope Biden & Co. can deliver – doing what is good, for the good of the country.

Those who don’t want immigrants becoming citizens fear that these new immigrants will take away their jobs. I have to ask, when their family came to America had those already here denied them the right to come and take part in a better life, where would you be today? In reality, many immigrants today start out by doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. Our field workers on farms, cooks, custodial and dangerous jobs across many industries as well as seasonal workers are made from a willing workforce with the hope of a better life than what they left behind.

Then others say, “my grandparents came here legally and so should everyone.” Well, is everyone so sure? In the haste to leave that country under some siege (whether it was war or economic dysfunction) did everyone really have time to get ‘papers’ in order, or did many just pay the passage costs to get out with whatever they could carry?

An important part of the proposal is financial resources that are designed to discourage migrants from traveling through the US-Mexico border. Instead of looking at others for the cause of personal strife and blame the ‘newest’ trying to become Americans, let’s welcome them to the fabric of America and at the same time, work to make our borders more secure.

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