Orange Florida Doofus

During the night of December 10-11 a series of tornados hit in six states, most notably in Kentucky, were over 50 people were reported to have been killed so far. Governor Andy Beshear has estimated that by the time all is said and done that number will probably rise 70 to 100 people killed, and said it’s shaping up to be the worst tornado event in the state’s history. Gov. Beshear has declared a state of emergency and has requested a Federal disaster declaration from the President:

If this had happened one year ago when OFD was still squatting in the White House, I could have easily seen OFD delaying or even denying the request, even though OFD won Kentucky by a large margin in 2020. He might have done this out of spite due to Gov. Beshear being a Democrat or Moscow Mitch McConnell being insufficiently loyal to him.


This is a moment when I am yet again relieved that we have an actual decent human being in the White House and not Orange Florida Doofus (OFD). As I’m writing this article I don’t see where the President has responded yet to Gov. Beshear’s request, but I would be very surprised if President Biden doesn’t mobilize the Federal government to help Kentucky and other states impacted by this event very soon, even though Kentucky went for OFD last year. The President doesn’t operate the same way OFD did. President Biden does his level best to help all Americans, not just his supporters, and doesn’t act based on what those requesting and needing aid think of him. I’d rather have President Biden and a Federal government that looks out for all Americans and not just a bunch of GQP cultists as in the OFD maladministration.

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