Oh come on, Ted Cruz

Governor Greg Abbott went on Fox News this week and blamed progressives, frozen wind turbines and the Green New Deal, which doesn’t even legally exist yet…for the weather catastrophe that shockingly left millions in Texas without food, water or power. After the Texas Tribune reported that a majority of the energy in Texas is from natural gas, he crept back into the media spotlight stating he would “demand answers.” Finally, perhaps after perceiving his future in politics was in a death spiral, he came out and lightly took some of the blame.

In another strong show of leadership, Senator Ted Cruz and his family whose house was “freezing” decided to go on an impromptu family vacation to Mexico leaving his constituents in darkness with no heat or water. After getting outed on social media he immediately threw his daughter under the bus essentially saying it was her fault. He followed that up with the totally plausible tale that he was just escorting his family to Cancun and had no intention of staying…then followed that follow up with a hauntingly sincere statement that once he got on the plane “it just didn’t feel right”. In the meantime the New York Times obtained and published family text messages revealing that the entire family had planned on being gone until Sunday.

This is pathetic, but also indicative of a real problem. Republican voters seem content to elect just about anybody who utters trigger words like “gun” and “abortion” and “immigration” and “left.” They need to consider putting in more effort. For this piece I just Googled “when is Ted Cruz up for reelection?” and got a blurb about how that question has recently spiked on search engines…good omen.

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