Not so fast, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Shortly after Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds, who is locked in a contest to see who can be the country’s 50th best governor with the likes of Noem, Abbott, or de Santis, signed the voter suppression bill a civil rights organization stepped up to challenge the new law in court.

The Iowa branch of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) filed a lawsuit in Polk County, Iowa District Court to stop enforcement of the new law on the grounds that it is “fatally unconstitutional” and is a voter suppression bill, despite all the bullshit flying around from CovidKim and legislative Republicans that the new laws “secure elections.”

As Nick Salazar, director for LULAC Iowa said, “If we can’t make our voices heard, if we don’t have a seat at the table, then we’re on the menu.” The people of Iowa have been on the menu for far too long. Voter suppression has to be challenged in every legal way possible. This lawsuit is a good start. It’s obvious that CovidKim and the Branch Trumpvidian controlled legislature don’t want to do right by the people of Iowa but only want to appease their benefactors. So now we have to turn to the courts. I don’t know what LULAC’s chances are given how CovidKim’s been working on getting a more GOP friendly judiciary installed, but the Iowa courts can always surprise a person.

I hope as Branch Trumpvidians in government get voter suppression bills passed in various states that groups like LULAC and the ACLU will continue advocating for voters who are having unreasonable burdens placed upon them to stop them from voting.

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