Nikki Haley just completely humiliated herself

Nikki Haley is unhinged. The former South Carolina Governor is at it again, and it is not pretty. Haley is one of the more loathsome members of the GOP. I know, I know. There are so many! But Haley is contemptible for a particular reason.

Haley is a woman with no political identity. She is not loyal to any Political party and will do and say anything even as she shows her own vanity and hypocrisy.

What Haley wants, more than anything is power. And her unending desire for power has blinded her to right and wrong, assuming she ever had any idea of right, to begin with.

Vice President Kamala Harris posted on Twitter. Her tweet was simple enough. It said, “enjoy the long weekend.”

This triggered the snowflakes that we call the GOP. Because Harris did not specifically mention Memorial Day, members of the GOP went crazy. Here is what Haley said on Twitter: “Unprofessional and unfit.”

This from a woman who supports an insurrectionist who is currently heading to prison. It is difficult, with words alone, to describe the evil in this tweet. On the surface, Haley’s tweet is pretty simple in itself.

But she is calling our beloved Vice President UNFIT. And for what reason? For wishing her constituents a nice weekend. Fortunately, Haley is currently being excoriated for her comments. But we must push back when disgraceful comments like this appear. It is vital that we do this.

Haley has forfeited the right to sit as judge of anyone. With her horrific and senseless behavior, she has shown that she will do and say anything to gain power. And because her disgraceful actions are being called out, this is spectacularly backfiring on her. We need to keep it up and keep calling these vile comments out whenever they appear.

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