Newt Gingrich melts down on Fox News

Newt Gingrich has become an “expert” on Fox News, in its neverending coverage of the racial unrest over yet another killing of a young Black man at the hands of police. According to Gingrich, these “thugs” are just looking for a reason to tear America apart, and destroy American civilization. He is a horrible excuse for a human being and should not be allowed on air. Fox was still showing the unrest from Tuesday on Wednesday morning, and is milking it for all it can get.

This demonization of the Black community by Fox News is so offensive and does nothing to solve the very real problem of Black American males in particular being treated differently than whites by police, and often approached as violent criminals and treated totally inhumanely, if not killed, even when it is obvious that they pose no threat whatsoever.

Thank God Gingrich has no power left at all. Otherwise he would be attempting to incite racial unrest and violence all across our country. But the FBI has told us the truth: white supremacists pose a much bigger threat to our country and its citizens than any minority group does.

It is so sad that there is no equal justice in America. I cannot imagine spending my whole life being in fear of the very people I was paying to protect myself and my family, and scared to death for my son’s life on a daily basis. We must do whatever is necessary to solve this injustice.

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