Newsmax host has total meltdown

Oh dear. It’s happening again. What I mean by that is once again the GOP has humiliated itself. Will it ever stop? The answer to that question is no. It will not stop. Not if the idiots in the insurrection party keep on keeping on like this. In fact, the humiliation will only get worse for them.

So, I assume you have heard of Newsmax. They are a Republican non-news and opinion site that also has a television audience though not many do watch them. There is a reason for that. And the reason is that they are so warped they make Fox look like the Brady Bunch.

Joe Saboe is an Iraq war veteran, and he is also a hero. And he was a featured guest on one of this creepy network’s shows. The host, Grant Stinchfield, was talking to Saboe about the end of the war in Afghanistan. He then made this unfortunate comment: “I can tell ya, this didn’t happen under President Trump.”

Uh-oh. Of course, Saboe pushed back. He actually said that the Trump administration was fairly weak in how they handled the Afghanistan war.

Faster than one could say crazy time, the host went berserk. And I mean he went really, really berserk. “Cut him off,” the bonkers man screamed. “Cut him off now,” the nutter continued to screech.

Of course, the guest was cut off, proving once again that the GOP is not the party of the Military, and that’s putting it mildly.

Yet the hysterical host was not done. He continued to rant on camera about his guest, and how dare he try to blame all this on Trump. If the GOP keeps on like this, they are not going to have a constituency left. They are seemingly determined to alienate everybody, and that is definitely not a way to win elections although they seem blissfully unaware of this fact.

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