New trouble for Matt Gaetz

Since the allegations against him were revealed, Matt Gaetz has claimed that he is part of a shakedown. Mr. Gaetz claims he is being extorted. On Monday, 4/5, Chris Cuomo interviewed one Bob Kent, the man named in this alleged extortion plot. Kent is a former Air Force intelligence officer. He hardly seems like a blackmailer. But of course, these things have to be looked at.

Cuomo conducted a superb “cross-examination” of Kent. He asked him many questions and straight up asked him about this alleged plot. Kent denied it. According to Kent, all he did was seek help in his rescue plan. He did approach Don Gaetz, father of Matt Gaetz. However, Kent says all he wanted was help in rescuing former FBI agent Robert Levinson, kidnapped in Iran.

Kent answered all questions straightforwardly and quickly. He said all he knew about the investigation into Gaetz came from “rumors” and that he specifically told Don Gaetz if Don decided not to help, that was fine, and they would never hear from him again. That does not sound like an extortionist.

Furthermore, Kent told Cuomo he hoped Don Gaetz was wearing a wire because it would show he had nothing to do with any extortion plot. Kent said all he wanted was help in rescuing a man who might still be alive.

Also, Bob Kent said that by bringing Levinson up, Gaetz was putting him at higher risk and dragging his family into this after Kent had promised confidentiality. He appeared genuinely upset about that fact.

I believe Mr. Kent. So, it appears does Chris Cuomo who said he found him “credible.” To sum up, everybody can have their own opinion about what went down which we will undoubtedly find out for sure about in the not too distant future. But simply ASKING for money does not an extortion plot make. Kudos to Cuomo for a riveting interview.

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