New threat to the U.S. Capitol

As most of you know, there is a rally being planned on September 18th at the Capitol in DC This is a rally planned by insane MAGA in support of the insurrectionists We’ve known about this rally for a long time now.

Now, there is new information coming out. Apparently, an emergency declaration has been issued. This seems to be because of online chatter, and some of the chatter has become increasingly violent in nature. This is a good call and I am glad this emergency declaration is being ordered.

However, it also shows what a continuing threat the insurrectionists are. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with, now we have these incorrigible babies who cannot seem to be left alone for a minute without causing problems.

By declaring this emergency, it allows outside offices to be deputized giving the Capitol Police much more help. In addition, the fence is going back up. The outside offices will be deputized as special Police for the Capitol.

I do hope no GOP Congress People or Senators will be attending this beastly and incompetent rally. Sadly, I do not have faith that they will not.


Because if these last few months have shown us anything, it has shown the pervasive corruption that bubbles inside the insurrection party. I am fully confident that the Capitol Police and the special officers have got this covered. We also thank them deeply yet again for their courageous actions.

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