New corruption scandal for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

The current auditor for the state of Iowa is a young man named Rob Sand. In addition to his work monitoring all the various government entities and organizations and investigating when there’s a possibility of wrongdoing, he’s also been keeping his eye on how the state government spends pandemic relief money.

Last year his office caught Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds red handed trying to use pandemic relief funds to upgrade the state’s HR systems, and forced her to return $21 million in Federal funding that she had used to get Workday to upgrade those systems. And now Mr. Sand caught CovidKim yet again misusing pandemic relief funds. This time, CovidKim apparently spent nearly $450,000 of those relief funds to pay salaries of her staff and tried to conceal it by passing it through the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Not only is CovidKim fighting every step of the way to sabotage the Federal government’s response to the pandemic, as seen by the number of lawsuits against things like vaccine mandates she had Iowa join, but she’s now misusing the money earmarked to help Iowans through the pandemic. Of course, CovidKim’s GQP groupies in the Iowa legislature will do nothing to hold CovidKim accountable for her malfeasance. They’re more interested in kissing up to the former guy and his base than doing right by all the people of this state.


Mr. Sand is one of the names that keeps popping up as a potential candidate for governor next year. He has not yet committed to running for that posting. I think he would be a great governor who would do right by all the people of Iowa, including even those who don’t support him.

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