MyPillow guy Mike Lindell crashes and burns

The MyPillow guy Mike Lindell has struck out once again. This time in Idaho, where he made wild claims that a state that Orange Florida Man (OFM) had won by 30 points had an election rigged against OFM. Among Mr. MyPillow’s wild claims were that the paper tallying books some counties used somehow had IP addresses.

Following these allegations, Idaho’s Republican Secretary of State (SoS) Lawerence Denney began an investigation. Denney said, “The office of the Idaho Secretary of State takes free, fair, and accurate elections seriously” as his reason for doing the investigation. More likely Denney was worried about Mr. MyPillow stirring up OFM’s Branch Trumpvidian base against him.

So, Denney’s staff went out to investigate. What did they find? Did they find that actually no one voted for President Biden in Idaho and that OFM got 101% of the vote? Oh, hell no. The votes for President Biden were exactly as officially reported in the two counties the SoS staffers checked out. The few errors that were present increased the vote even more for OFM in Idaho.

Understandably, some Idaho election officials are rather irritated with Mr. MyPillow this morning. Even Republican election officials are miffed that Mr. MyPillow made a bunch of unsupported claims that impugn the integrity of elections staff and that officials had to waste time, energy, and money proving that Mr. MyPillow is full of male bovine excrement.


I hope this sorry episode gets Republican officials to stop paying any attention to Mr. MyPillow and just dismiss it as the rantings of a (former?) cokehead. I have my doubts though. As long as OFM scores them political points and media attention they’ll probably fall over themselves any time Mr. MyPillow spouts off.

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