My body, my choice

Those words from conservatives only work as long as it relates to COVID. Consider what the world would look like if back in 1955 polio vaccines were not administered to school age children. Maybe you don’t remember ‘iron lungs’ of the past, they’re today’s ventilators. There were no ‘vaccine mandates’ just smart, caring parents — where did we go so wrong. Vaccines for children will be here soon, for now masks are the hot button.

Some people want ‘Freedom of choice’ to make your own health decisions as it relates to COVID – many of those same people want to take away the freedom of choice about abortion, just see Texas. Reducing the time to within 6 weeks, when an abortion would be legal is taking away a women’s choice – most women don’t even know they are pregnant then. Just like reducing the number of abortion clinics to one in an entire state is deliberately reducing the ability of women to make choices for themselves and therefore ‘as if’ it was as illegal as it was prior to Roe v. Wade’s enactment. Overturning RoeV.Wade won’t stop abortions, it will just return them to back alley’s for the poor and country ‘health spas’ for the wealthy. Like we don’t have enough ‘income inequality’ now.


Parents know what is smart. Smart is masks in schools to reduce the risk of lifelong health issues as a result of a case for either a child or relative. Some people think it is wrong for the government to have a mask mandate in schools to keep children healthy, yet they LIE about the reasoning they have to force a woman to carry to term a pregnancy she doesn’t want. Because it isn’t about ‘freedom of choice’ all of a sudden — when it is about power over women.

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