More potential criminal charges coming against Derek Chauvin


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This week a jury of twelve people found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts of murdering George Floyd. It was a verdict that definitely made history and one that many did not expect.

Chauvin is now in prison. Reportedly he is being held in solitary for his own safety and is on suicide watch. And now there is an interesting twist to the Chauvin story.

The Minnesota murderer had many complaints and filings against him even before murdering Floyd. It appears very little was done about that. He certainly wasn’t fired, which he definitely should have been.

But now, there is a possibility that Chauvin will be held accountable for that as well. Per ABC News and other sources, more charges are being considered against Chauvin from his actions in 2017.

There was a case back then with shocking similarities to the George Floyd case. In 2017, Chauvin reportedly hit a black boy in the head and pinned him in place on the ground for almost 17 minutes. Sound familiar?

Reportedly there is a video of this.

And now, per ABC News, prosecutors have begun to bring witnesses before a grand jury regarding this vile event.

While we do not know what will happen and if charges will be filed, I hope they are. Chauvin is clearly a deeply disturbed man, and his loathsome behavior started long before Floyd. It is good that prosecutors are seeking justice for other potential victims of this murderer. This is a story we may be hearing much more about in the upcoming weeks.


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