More bad news for Marjorie Taylor Greene

In the wake of Marjorie Taylor Greene getting hit with a permanent Twitter suspension we now have news that Facebook has temporarily suspended Greene’s account on their service. Greene’s Facebook account was suspended for 24 hours for violating the platform’s misinformation policy.

Of course, instead of accepting the suspension and resolving to amend her behavior to prevent repeat performances, she has decided to whine that Facebook has joined Twitter in “censoring” her.

What Greene fails to realize that even though her accounts may be “official” accounts they are still accounts on private services. What she and her fellow Trump University School of Law constitutional law scholars fail to realize is that since Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media dives are not government entities but private services, the First Amendment does not apply. Such organizations are well within their rights to moderate accounts on their services and remove content violate their rules.


I don’t always agree with everything the leadership of Facebook and Twitter do. I think sometimes they give conservatives way too many passes for anti-social behavior while acting out against liberals on the flimsiest of excuses. While social media can do good, I am aware of the harm they can do. I think they have made the pandemic worse by not clamping down on the former guy or the rest of the GQP a lot sooner. But they are acting now, finally realizing that we are in a crisis. They are finally coming around to holding people like former guy and Greene accountable for their actions, no matter how much they and their supporters whine about “censorship.”

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