Mitch McConnell just threw Donald Trump under the bus

The Senate did not convict Trump. If you’re surprised you probably weren’t paying attention. The final vote was 57-43. Seven Republicans voted with the Democratic Caucus. That is a strong bipartisan impeachment vote. Both the House and the Senate had a solid majority that agreed Trump was guilty of inciting a violent insurrection against the country.

Donald Trump was let off on a technicality, one directly created by Mitch McConnell who said he would not receive Articles of Impeachment until January 15. Then the trial was delayed until February 8th, by which time Trump would be a private citizen. It’s a specious argument at best. 43 Republicans are selfish immoral unethical traitors, but seven are not, and good for them. We appreciate every Republican with a conscience who has the ability to put the country first.

After Senator Schumer’s remarks following the vote, Mitch Machiavelli McConnell gave a rather stunning speech that absolutely demolished Donald Trump. He called him a disgrace, our worst president ever, who had committed a gross dereliction of duty. He then went on to explain his tortured logic in voting not to convict. Lastly, he called for a criminal prosecution of Trump. What? Why?

McConnell knows Trump is guilty, but it’s a political calculation to appease the troubled consciences of many large GOP donors who zipped their wallets shut after the riot, to condemn Trump. And it’s a bigger win to help push the problem of Trump’s criminality into the criminal trial arena. McConnell did Trump no favors today.

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