Mitch McConnell is falling to pieces

Which is it, Mitch? Do you want the oligarchy or not? More to the point, do you want the corporate money or not?

Perhaps Mitch McConnell thinks that his multi-trillion (!) dollar tax gift to the 1% will temper this about-face. (Not that it actually is an about-face, of course; Mitch is as two-faced as any Janus wanna-be.) More than likely, Mitch understands in his vast experience of pulling the wool of his constituents’ eyes that nothing he said about his rankling under politically-motivated action by the corporate class should be taken seriously.

It’s the optics, though. The Left-stream Media (sic) is replete with replays of the Old Terrapin drawling in his signature groan that corporations should never stick their nose in politics. He saves himself from a full-on Bernie-attack by adding the proviso that his sponsors can still donate as much as they wish in their even-handed largesse.

See, kind of looks bad; channeling AOC and then dropping to your knees as a spineless mendicant. It must give certain CEOs pause for thought.

Mitch is casting about to find the rhythm again, it would appear. It’s as if he’s at the square-dance and went into Do-si-do when the rest of country went Allemande Left.

Mitch has opposed what upwards of three quarters of Americans want. The droopy-jowled minority leader has voted against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, supported the New Jim Crow laws in Georgia and has warned that Biden’s infrastructure plan is a ‘Trojan horse’ that will require ‘massive tax increases’.

Mitch would much prefer to simply serve the corporate oligarchy with huge no-bid government contracts and feed the military-industrial complex.

It’s so much simpler when your only priority is making the donor class so rich that they’ll share their ill-gotten gains with their servile facilitators.

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