Mitch McConnell has dissolved into a flip flopping fool

Mitch McConnell has once again changed his tune on corporations’ rights to political free speech. He had initially admonished and slammed certain companies for standing up against SB202, the sweeping Georgia legislation overhauling voting rights, saying they should stay out of politics.

Then he backtracked, saying he wasn’t referring to political donations – that’s fine, of course. They just shouldn’t take sides on such highly divisive issues.

Now he has backtracked yet again, almost apologizing. “I didn’t say that very artfully yesterday. They are certainly entitled to be involved in politics.” So nice of you to give them permission, Mitch. “So my complaint about the CEOs: Read the damn bill.” I knew the nice act wouldn’t last.

What makes McConnell so certain they didn’t read the bill? Is he in total denial that SB202 is obviously a voter suppression and restriction bill, based on the Big Lie, and aimed at preventing minorities, the disadvantaged and the young (i.e. mostly Democratic voters) from casting a legal ballot?

These are very smart people, Mitch. They are not going to stand up against something they know nothing about, and they have not been duped by the radical left to believe something that is not true. That’s your party’s MO. Stop projecting. Still, it is surprising to see McConnell backtracking so much. He must be under a lot of stress and worried the wifey may be indicted soon.

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