Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump both finally getting what they deserve

Mitch McConnell says Trump should be prosecuted and sent to prison, for the very acts that McConnell acquitted him of in his second impeachment trial. Trump replies that McConnell is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Man. The Viper and the Cobra are now battling it out. Both are extremely dangerous, highly toxic, poisonous snakes.

Trump and McConnell formed the most dangerous duo in recent American history. They conspired to deprive Americans of essential liberties, stifled progressive initiatives, pushed through tax cuts for the super rich that busted the budget, and packed the courts with unqualified right wingers.

Understandably for Trump, but surprisingly for McConnell, they were also co-conspirators in the emasculation of the Senate in its important advise and consent role for Cabinet officials, by allowing Trump to stuff political hacks into “Acting” positions, to emphasize that they were totally beholden to him.


Who wins a war between them as they furiously spit their venom at each other? Perhaps the American people. Even if one doesn’t completely destroy the other, we can all win if they weaken each other. You don’t have to pick a side. Just stand back and watch the fight escalate. McConnell thinks he jumped off the crazy Trump Train (Election Express) just in time, before it ultimately crashed and burned. However, he may yet find himself part of the wreckage.

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