Mike Pompeo has found a new way to fall flat on his face

Yet another Trump liar is now lying for Fox News. The latest is the pompously deranged former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Often characterized as most delusional among Trump’s failed administration for thinking he has any chance in hell of becoming President, few thought he would be so unhinged as to believe becoming a bad Fox News commentator a la McEnany would be a logical next step on his fantasy road to the Presidency.

As if watching McEnany lie on Fox News while smiling so big she can barely talk isn’t uncomfortable enough, watching pompous Pompeo lie through his teeth while attempting to put forth a bright and golden newscaster persona is simultaneously highly off-putting and hilarious, evoking emotions of the type I never knew I had.

We know you are truly dreary and wretched Mike, and so does Fox. There is absolutely no need for you to continue this charade. Just be the arrogant jackass that you are. There is no hiding the truth that you are a miserable excuse for a human being without a joyful bone in your body.

You may able to kid yourself that you are experiencing some joy by going on TV and pretending you are still Secretary of State (the worst in history), but it is only a matter of time for it to sink in that the likes of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are not only beyond your reach in the hierarchy of Fox world, but also have way more respect there than you, making you more sullen than ever.

While Trump was able to use his fake business success on reality TV to help catapult him into the Presidency, this Fox News gig is not going to catapult you anywhere but into shameful mediocrity. So embrace your misery now. There will soon be no fighting it.

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