Mike Pompeo goes off the deep end

Projection is such an amusing little thing, it it not? One can do so much with projection. One can blame toxic behavior on anyone one cares to, even if the one taking the blame for said toxicity, has never actually done what the projector claims. Projection really is an art.

That brings me to a certain smirking person, who, at this moment, is practicing the art of projection. Only he doesn’t have it mastered quite yet. This person is Mike Pompeo. Pompeo has written an article for Fox, accusing President Biden of “cozying up to our enemies.”


I kid you not. Friends and readers, behold! Behold the resplendent projection, in all its glory! I will quote from this article, and let us see if we can identify the projection: “Because once again, Biden demonstrated weakness. He is pushing our allies away and cozying up to our enemies.” Projection. Oh, and Mr. Pompeo? That’s PRESIDENT Biden to you.

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