Mike Pence reaches the point of total desperation

Throughout history, wars have been fought. Countries have been conquered. Dynasties have fallen. Wars are fought for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s over religion. Other times it’s over personal freedom. Time ticks by, and things change, but throughout history, there has always been war.

Sometimes. wars are fought over power and domination. Power for many can be intoxicating. And it can and does make certain people ruthless. Power has the inherent ability to bring out the worst in people.

Consider the quote of President Abraham Lincoln: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

And this brings me to the subject of Mike Pence (Republican-Indiana). Our former Vice President has spoken out about the former guy. While Pence did say he and the former guy will never see eye to eye on the events of January Sixth, he also praised the insurrectionist. He lashed out at Democrats for using the events of January Sixth to divide people.

There is more that Pence said, but it is all pretty much what I described. And it’s sad. But it is also not surprising. Pence wants power. He has always wanted to be President. So, for him to be a viable candidate, he needs the Trump base. The base that wanted to have him killed.

And never has President Lincoln’s statement, mentioned above, been more apt. People have died on the battlefield for power. So, for Pence, complimenting the man whose supporters wanted to hang him is small potatoes.

And this is all because of power. Power and naked, seething ambition. And Pence does not have a chance of winning the nomination anyway. Power does indeed show the character of an individual. And for Pence, it has shown that he has no character at all.

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