Mike Pence is up to something

CNN reported today that Mike Pence and the former guy’s relationship isn’t what it used to be. Duh. Apparently, Pence is putting the word out that the former guy’s former ‘big shoulders’ are more in the way now than anything else.

Pence acknowledges receiving ‘polite words’ from the former guy, such as when he had to get the pacemaker, but not much else. I can’t even imagine any ‘polite words’ spewed from the former guy’s mouth, or even in a card, so it must have been ‘polite words’ through a third party. Melania to Mother, maybe? That doesn’t really sound likely, either.

CNN was ruminating about how Pence appears to be distancing himself from the former guy, and whether this was in preparation for his plans to run for president. They did not even mention his two-book deal with Simon & Schuster. I would think that would be highly relevant and the only reason Pence would have to leak such hints of a “spat” between the two fake presidential hopefuls.

Is CNN kissing up to Pence in hopes of getting the first Pence interview? That doesn’t make much sense because Pence will be making all the rounds soon, to anyone who will have him. But then again, their reporting on this ‘story’ didn’t make much sense either. Why is it news that Pence might hold a grudge against a traitor who tried to have him hung for being a traitor?

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