Merrick Garland takes charge

The GOP put it off as long as possible, but as is usually the case, they were delaying the inevitable: Merrick Garland is now our Attorney General. Although President Biden reportedly selected Garland because he viewed him as someone who could restore the Justice Department’s credibility and independence from the White House on criminal matters, Garland made it clear during his confirmation hearing that his first and most important order of business would be to be fully briefed on the Jan. 6th insurrection, which would be thoroughly investigated and ALL those found responsible would be vigorously prosecuted.

Biden’s choice of Garland also undoubtedly had much to do with the fact that Garland’s extensive experience meant he would be able to hit the ground running, same as Biden was able to do, despite being faced with taking over unorganized offices in complete disarray. Reorganizing the Department of Justice may be even more difficult due to the horrible disarray of the the FBI and no doubt numerous other important agencies within the DOJ which have not been running smoothly for a very long time.

Their experience and challenges they are facing are not the only things Biden and Garland have in common, which we can be sure has not gone unnoticed by either of them. When Biden honored the half a million dead due to the Covid pandemic, on the same day of Garland’s confirmation hearing when Garland explained the reason he wanted to become attorney general was to give back to the country that rescued and protected his Jewish grandparents from persecution due to their faith, it became more than obvious that both these men were extremely human and not afraid to show it, both moving and easily moved, with exceptional humility, authenticity, integrity, and strength of character.

These two men can easily lead by example alone, so there is no doubt they will succeed. They have no use for false bravado, propaganda or hateful partisan politics, and no need to place blame, or to empower themselves in such manners. Instead, they empower us all.

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